ObjectivePixel. We make apps.

ObjectivePixel’s mission is to build beautiful, socially-enabled apps for exciting device and cloud platforms such as Windows Phone, Surface and Facebook. We love our users and strive to give them experiences they will love in return.


BringCast. Modern podcasting.

BringCast was the original podcasting client on Windows Phone that offered over-the-air downloads, and is the first to focus on the playback experience. We continue to actively improve, polish and enhance BringCast and have lots more planned to delight our users. This is just the beginning!

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James Clarke. @clarkezone.

James is fascinated with mobile and social software development. He loves performance - i.e. fast code. By day he works as Principal Lead Program Manager in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA.



Mark Osborn. @ozziepeeps.

Mark loves technology, music and writing clean, well designed code. By day he works as a Senior Software Developer on the data services API team at CoStar Group in San Diego, CA.

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